• BTK 028 Violence - Tome 1 - Chapitres 1, 2 et 3                                          (15/04/2015)(cd-r copy 5 euro)

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    Violence is a duet of dudes reading books about Human condition.

    Violence is permanent, innate and acquired.

    Violence can be yours, mine or theirs.

    For sure, this 2 social scientists are Violence.






    Artwork by KINDER-K


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  • BTK 027 GuGaYaGe - Le cadet de nos six sous                                       

     (11/04/2015)(cd-r copy 5 euro)

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    Full length recording of their all analog live-set for the spring 2015's european-tour with Decide Today and Divtech.

    Elements from trap-music, hard/minimal techno and noise/power-electronics.

    Hypnotic drive, brain-melting textures, pumping and savage groove.

    Party time music at the end.


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  • BTK 026 DEMONCRASSIE - Démocrassie 2014                                       (2014) (100 cd-r copys sold-out)     


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    First demo recorded during june 2014 from this fastcore/punk band from Toulouse, France.

    Gal and guys on the mics, punk energy and epic riffs, blast-beats and tempo changes,

    with fresh, critical, constructive lyrical topics.

    With members from Fatal Nunchaku, GeorgeBitch Jr.


    Artwork by A4 PUTEVIE


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  • BTK 025 KKScheisseKraKra - Life Is Scheisse                                       (2014)     


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    Second ep from KKScheisseKraKra. The awaited "rock" project from Guillaume GAFFIAT.

    Some kind of future-garage-rock, wild and twisted guitar-riffs, on-time power-drum-machine, and reverbed-as fuck vocals, dealing about the meanings of life, the 1st WW, or love for people recognizing themselves into rude, raw, harsh feelings. 

    Maybe, someone like you ?

    An ep to listen to thru earphones while drinking strong liquors during a premiere of Jay-z's new album in a  fancy art-gallery in Brooklyn, and all this until collapse.


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  • BTK 024 PETRIFIE-MENTAL D-STRUCTION - Your past is mocked...and your memories are sold                                                                                     (2013)(cd-r in silkscreen case = 5euro)                                            

    FREE DOWNLOAD [click here]

     PETRIFIE is hailing from Toulouse. You can expect brutal and wizard-esque technical death metal. The drum machine is fast, fat, distorded, with an extreme-electronics colour. The guitars are as precise as the drum machine, and delivers insanely complex riffs serving beautifull compositions.

     MENTAL D-STRUCTION submit to us 5 tracks of pure deviant electronic, for an athmospherical, broken, uncompromised speedcore missile with fragmentation payload.

     Unstopable, highly dynamical sounding, layers of epic melodys assaulted by class A rythmical programming. 


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  • BTK 023- V.A.- Two Lowbrows Sets For Excrete Music Lovers                    (2012)(cd-r in hand-made/numbered case = 5euro) 

                                  FREE DOWNLOAD [click here]   

     This release is the creation of Guillaume Gaffiat, member of each formation you will hear on this exquise production.  So, it's for sure some weird stuff.                                        

    The first track consist of a reapropriation of the Tchaikovsky Violin's Concerto     by Le Compas dans l'Oeil.  A bit more than 17 minutes of bruitiste/broken improvisation on this masterpiece of music, which become a monsterpiss of musick.

    The second is a computer mix of 3 tracks from 3 different formations :                               Trauma Caca /France 98 /GuGaYaGe.                                                          A bit l  18 minutes of hi-definition fucked-up teknoise !                       

            Extreme dance musick - Ravin' flashcore for the kids.                                                                                                                                                                            



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  • BTK 022- PLACK BLAGUE - Heavy Leather !                                                                                                  (2012)(cd available the 27/02/2012)


                             FREE DOWNLOAD [click here]

    The latest "leak" in Plack Blague, born in the Nebraska's most deranged brain in those perturbed times.

     Raws, former drummer of Wasteoid, blast out 10 tracks of sexual Blague hell, ranging from weird electro-dance-pop to satanic-industrial-noise, bringing out the finest in sexual deviancies through the form of confusing dance noise. 

    Lubricant for your ears,                                                                                   musick for rough but delicate people,                                                                   make your speakers beaded with sweat,                                                                        like Freudian slip, Plack Blague molest ears ... and holes!





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  • BTK 021- RIPIT - Orage Magnetique                                               (2011)(cd-r available = 5 euro)                                                                                                                                                                                                           

     FREE DOWNLOAD [click here]                                                                                                                                                                

    Unbeatable future power-electronics. 

    Hypno-analogism and psyko-delism. 
    Attack-less portamented-blasts. 
    Chants yet emotionaly untempered. 
    20 minutes of a phat-wrestling punitive audio.

    First cd-r version on black cd-rs limited to 31 copys by Ripit's own hand.
    Second version on 3'' cd-rs in 7'' screen-printed covers, limited to 31 as well.



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  • BTK 020- BASTARD D-STRUCTION - Narcissistic Suffering In The Static Understandings


    (2011)(cd-r available = 4 euro)                                                                                                                      web-release of  Slivox Recordings cs-24   


                  FREE DOWNLOAD !!! [click here]     

    Ruthless pounding from Bordeaux and Toulouse, France.

     Project joining the forces from Mental D-Struction and Yann is the Bastard,       for 6 tracks of fast, cold, ambient brutal destruction.

     All electronic with elements of Speedcore, Darkcore, B-M, Thrash, Grindcore.

    Sounds weird until you actually hear it.    





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         ( 2011)(cd-r available = 4 euro)                                                                                                                               web-release of  the Vialation #12 (cs)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


                              FREE DOWNLOAD !!! [click here] 


      Back on BTK recordz, Lincoln's raw and psychedelic Overlord                         VIOLATOR X unleashes an ancestral Nebraska power-drone track                       on one-side of this tape originaly released on "Violation".                                                                               

      The second side is delivered by rural Georgia's                                                     FLESH TO STONE, dropin' one voodoo-ritual swamp-bass audio-piece,                       drone-as-fuck  and total meditative, to shake the earth booty !!!                                                 

    A Deep America's taste,                                                                                               vast like an endless corn-fleld,                                                                             and stickin like a bottomless swamp.                                                                                            

    Once again the midwest strikes !!!



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