• BTK 023- V.A.- Two Lowbrows Sets For Excrete Music Lovers                    (2012)(cd-r in hand-made/numbered case = 5euro) 

                                  FREE DOWNLOAD [click here]   

     This release is the creation of Guillaume Gaffiat, member of each formation you will hear on this exquise production.  So, it's for sure some weird stuff.                                        

    The first track consist of a reapropriation of the Tchaikovsky Violin's Concerto     by Le Compas dans l'Oeil.  A bit more than 17 minutes of bruitiste/broken improvisation on this masterpiece of music, which become a monsterpiss of musick.

    The second is a computer mix of 3 tracks from 3 different formations :                               Trauma Caca /France 98 /GuGaYaGe.                                                          A bit l  18 minutes of hi-definition fucked-up teknoise !                       

            Extreme dance musick - Ravin' flashcore for the kids.                                                                                                                                                                            



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