• BTK 024 PETRIFIE-MENTAL D-STRUCTION - Your past is mocked...and your memories are sold                                                                                     (2013)(cd-r in silkscreen case = 5euro)                                            

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     PETRIFIE is hailing from Toulouse. You can expect brutal and wizard-esque technical death metal. The drum machine is fast, fat, distorded, with an extreme-electronics colour. The guitars are as precise as the drum machine, and delivers insanely complex riffs serving beautifull compositions.

     MENTAL D-STRUCTION submit to us 5 tracks of pure deviant electronic, for an athmospherical, broken, uncompromised speedcore missile with fragmentation payload.

     Unstopable, highly dynamical sounding, layers of epic melodys assaulted by class A rythmical programming. 


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