• BTK 010- SOLAR SKELETONS - Necroethyl (still available, LP = 10 euro) 

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    The dead sons of the Sun deliver their minimal hypnotic industrial doom blues waves, dealing with male alcoolism and the relationship with female gender. Like   a pleasant fall to death into ethylic ocean.                                

    Behind this duet are hidden 2 french musicians formely know as TZII and RIPIT.
    This record features also Kamilsky (a.k.a KOONDA HOLAA) and his daughter Schovenka Isabelle.
    Recorded and mixed at Silent-block studio, brussels and mastered at Angstrom studio, brussels.                                                 

    No less than 8 DIY labels join forces to release this masterpiece on 180gr red wax. (Radon Uropa, Night On Earth, Toolbox, Aïnu, Amertume, BTK, Bruits de Fond)                                                                                                                                           




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