• BTK 006- DIVISION FRIO - GLOBAL NOISE COLLAPSE                                                                                   cd-r (2008)(still available = 5 euro) co-prod with CNCCR (France)                     FREE DOWNLOAD !!! [click here]

    Live recording of an improv session at the art gallery "La Morue Noire" in Begles, France.                                       

    Division Frio was (for this session) composed by Liquid Lunch and Jerome from La Centrale (venue in Bordeaux), Speed Path from God is Gay and YITB.                               

    They collaborated for the first time with Audiocum,  the "Speakor Illuminator", head of the label CNCCR.                                                                                                                

    It results a 45 min. track, raw mix of brutal harsh noise and fucked-up psykedelism, using contact-mics, guitars, homemade bass, drum-pads and tons of various effect-pedals.                       

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